SnuggleSafe Insulated Water Bottle

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The SnuggleSafe Insulated Water Bottle keeps your rabbit's and other small animals water cool during hot weather and helps prevent it freezing when the temperature gets chilly.

Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals the Insulated Water Bottle by Snugglesafe can be used year round and is supplied as a bottle complete with a fitted insulated jacket and hutch fixings.

There is even a clever little window in the jacket so you can keep an eye on the water levels in the bottle to make sure your little ones stay hydrated.


  • Keeps water cool in hot weather
  • Helps prevent water freezing
  • Hutch fixing supplied
  • Window to monitor water levels

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Additional Information

Please note the SnuggleSafe Insulated Water Bottle doesn't claim to be drip proof!