Microfibre Swim Towel

The DOOG Swim Towel is a microfibre towel that makes drying your wet dog easier and faster.

The anti-bacterial, quick drying microfibre fabric ensures this super absorbent towel will have your dog dry in minutes keeping wet dog smells to a minimum! 

Small and compact the towel is large enough to dry your dog but small enough to fit inside it's own little net bag. The neat little airing pouch made with black netting will easily attach to your DOOG Walkie Bag or Walkie Belt's carabiner so even if you get caught out in an unexpected shower you will be well prepared.

The DOOG Swim Towel is ideal for use whenever your dog gets wet, whether it's after a swim, rainy dog walk or even a hydrotherapy session.

Keep your Swim Towel in the car (it's small enough to store in the glovebox) and it will even help stop your dog shaking their wet fur all over the interior!

The shammy style fabric can be wrung dry once used and machine washed.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Super absorbent microfibre
  • Stores inside airing pouch
  • Fast drying
  • Hang from Walkie Bag or Belt
  • Machine washable

Size Guide

90cm x 40cm