Mini Belt

The DOOG Mini Belt gives you a useful extra space to carry all your dog walking essentials with you when out and about.

With a single back pocket, there is a space for a phone, house key and should you stop by a coffee shop on your way home you can even pop a little cash inside too.

The Mini Belt holds & includes 20 DOOG Tidy Bags so you can clear up after your dog, an essential part of being a responsible dog owner.

The elastic waistband makes it comfortable to wear and you will definitely appreciate the extra space and easy access without fumbling around in your pockets. The breathable mesh padding on the back provides comfort and aeration for you so even on a hot summers day the Mini Belt provides a practical solution.

While the Mini Belt is just that, mini, it is ideal for anyone who doesn't want a bulky or heavy bag to carry but just something so you and your dog can travel light with the bare essentials leaving you both to just enjoy your walk together.


  • Pocket for phone, key, cash
  • 20 Tidy Bags included
  • Waste bag pouch
  • Elastic waistband
  • Breathable mesh padding