Owners Gear

This page is just for you! It's everything a dog owner needs to help keep life simple, organised and to help you care for your pet in the best way possible. We’ve carefully picked some of the best products that are indispensable for all pet owners. Whether it's food storage, post surgery collars, microfibre towels, a recipe book to cook for your dogs or perhaps even your own adult Buff Neckwear for the summer during those long rambling dog walks - we’ve got you covered.

Dog Walking Accessories

Never be caught unprepared on a dog walk again! We have a great range of dog walking bags, training treat bags, travel pet first aid kits and - for those who like to push themselves, dog running belts like the Trail Runner System from Ruffwear.

Dog Grooming Equipment 

Keep your pet comfortable and clean with accessories like the microfibre drying towel or drying gloves. These towels are perfect for drying off after a walk or training session. We have a range of popular brands including Pet Rebellion, Henry Wag and DOOG.