About Us & Our Team

The Barks & Bunnies Team - Amy, Leigh & Erica

Established in 2013 Barks & Bunnies is a family business owned by husband & wife partners Amy and Leigh. Amy has always had a passion to make the world a better, happier place and Leigh enjoys nothing more than receiving customer photos showing pets happy with the goodies we have packed and posted.

Erica arrived to the team in 2015 and enjoys helping to pack your orders - although is still learning to put the right things into the right boxes! She loves music and can often be seen dancing or swaying to the radio.

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Care Where you Shop

An Ethical Stance - say no to prongs, chokes & small hutches!

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What are we all about?

The Barks & Bunnies Team - Albie

Albie is the boss and brains behind Barks & Bunnies! He is an intrepid explorer and would live outside 24/7 if he could! Albie is a shy dog that loves cheese and hiding shoes in the garden - he is rather partial to a game of chase with Leigh too!

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Our Products

The Barks & Bunnies Team - kizzie

Kizzie is second in command to Albie. She is our crazy little girl and the second to join our family. She loves nothing more than a game with her favourite ball, other than perhaps cuddles, she really does love those!

Kizzie is always ready to help find the best treats to stock and to check them over before sending them out in your orders!

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The Barks & Bunnies Team - Chuzzlewit

Chuzzlewit is our funny little bunny! Rescued from a local rescue he enjoys sitting out in the rain, exploring new places and especially likes The Hay Experts Chicory Root - he would eat a whole bag in one sitting if he could!  

Our Packaging

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The Barks & Bunnies Team - Libby

Libby is a wise old bunny, she has the years of experience to know what makes a great treats and has discerning taste to only eat the very best! She loves sun bathing and gets very cross if we don't keep a regular supply of spring greens on tap for her! 

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Love Them Happy

Barks & Bunnies love happy dogs, happy rabbits and a happy you! 

We spent a long time thinking of a clear, fun message to convey what we are about and we finally had our eureka moment with 'Love Them Happy' (ok my husband Leigh had the eureka, but don’t tell him I admitted that!). 

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