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The PLAY Dog's Life Lounge Bed effortlessly combines luxurious comfort with sublime styling to create a designer dog bed that not only adds panache to your décor but also gives your dog the very best that any dog bed can provide them with. 

With supreme comfort and a one-of-a-kind pattern created by in-house artists the PLAY Dog's Life Lounge Bed celebrates everything about a dog's life that makes our best friends wonderful with an elegant word cloud design. Have fun searching the bed to find the words that most sum up your dog, will it be fetch, woof, dig, chew, bark, play or something else?

Every PLAY Lounge Bed in the stunning PLAY designer dog bed collection has been crafted to give your dog maximum comfort and ergonomic support, perfect for times when perhaps your bed or lap aren't available!

They feature stylish and easy to care for furniture grade fabrics with washable covers and, perhaps most importantly of all, the eco-friendly fillings are made from super cushy post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Why a PLAY designer dog bed?

PLAY create original, environmentally friendly, practical and exceptionally beautiful high-end designer dog beds and the Dog's Life Lounge Bed is no exception. All PLAY products are inspired and manufactured with pets, people, and the planet in mind, it’s no wonder really when the brand PLAY stands for Pet Lifestyle and You.

A dog bed shouldn’t just take up space in your home, it should give your dog a comfortable place to slip into a peaceful slumber or provide a safe space where they can take time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But, we also believe that there is no reason why a dog bed can't be a thing of beauty that you love to look at and which compliments your personal style - the Dog's Life Lounge Bed is, without doubt, a treat for both you and your best friend.

All PLAY designer dog beds are not only an object of beauty for your home but they are a superior product with all the flair, function and comfort you could ever want for your best friend.

Versatile Styling

Changing the look of the Dog's Life Lounge Bed is quick and easy with their reversible cushions. Simply flip the inner cushion or exterior and create a whole new look!

Furniture Grade Fabrics

The Dog's Life Lounge Bed by PLAY is made using premium, high-quality, furniture grade fabric – the sort you would expect to find on your own sofa. 

What is the fabric like to touch? It feels like a soft velvet that looks and feels so soft you will be wondering if you can curl up for a snooze yourself!

The quality of the fabrics are built to withstand heavy paw traffic and although it isn’t indestructible against chewers it will provide long-lasting durability when treated with a little bit of love.


PLAY beds always strive to provide the very best for your dog, that is why they work with the best textile mills to seek the finest hypoallergenic cotton and upholstery grade fabrics.

All PLAY bed covers are luxuriously soft, breathable and allergy-free so that not only do they feel great to us in our homes but they promise to provide the ultimate comfort to your dog too.

Machine Washable

We are dog owners too and just like you we are familiar with that wet doggy smell, and the routine of cleaning up the dirt that our pets drag in…. and let’s not forget the muddy paw prints too!

PLAY dog beds make dealing with all these things easy. The furniture grade fabrics are built for multiple wash cycles and you can unzip the covers if you are just dealing with a few simple stains to wash them individually.

If a more thorough cleaning cycle is needed the entire bed including the insets can be placed into your washing machine (if your bed is too large to fit in your machine they can also be dry cleaned). They can even be popped in the dryer afterwards to help speed everything up. (click here for further information and check your bed's washing first).

Less work and more PLAY!

Ergonomic Support

A dog bed shouldn't be just a lump of cushioning with a pretty covering. It should have just the right amount and density of stuffing to comfortably support your dog while they sleep and the PLAY Dog's Life Lounge Bed is engineered and tested to make your dog will be able to rest in complete comfort.

The bolstered sides provide support to your dog as they enter a peaceful dreamworld while also providing some protection from draughts creating a perfect sleeping environment.

In House Designers

PLAY collaborate with a team of approximately 10 artists across San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles to create exclusively designed graphics for all their dog beds including the Dog's Life Lounge Bed.

Each bed features a modern and stylish non-repeating pattern that you won't find anywhere else and the hypoallergenic washable covers make them practical too - a feature not commonly available in many designer dog beds.

Environmentally Friendly

At Barks & Bunnies we can’t resist something which cares for our pets and the planet too and PLAY dog beds have put the environment at the heart of their designs.

PLAY don’t just want to minimise their impact but they actually work to try and make things better. Using recycled plastic bottles they fill each Dog's Life Lounge Bed with super soft, certified safe, eco-friendly PlanetFill® polyfiber fillings. 

For every large lounge bed PLAY recycles an impressive 108 bottles to create their certified safe, eco-friendly bed filling which would have otherwise been sent to landfill, and even the smallest of beds uses an incredible 25 plastic bottles preventing them being washed out into our oceans.

In fact, to date, PLAY has saved over a million bottles from going into the landfill.

Safety Standards

If you are like us your dog will mean the world to you. The PLAY Dog's Life Lounge Bed has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, how high? It has been made in a facility that meets the strict international safety standards for the quality and manufacturing of infant and children products. 


  • Designer dog bed
  • Ergonomic support
  • Furniture grade fabrics
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable - removable covers or entire bed in one
  • Reversible cushions
  • Unique and non-repeating patterns
  • Premium rated safety standards

Size Guide

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