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Lanyard not included.

ACME Whistles are the best dog whistles you can buy. They are the preferred choice of dog trainers, gun dog owners and anyone who needs to build a strong, reliable recall.

Albie & Kizzie have been trained using ACME whistles because of the incredible quality of sound and durability of the product.

ACME have been producing quality dog whistles since 1860 and with all those years experience they have produced a high quality, high performance whistle, at a great price. They are easy to blow and product a single high pitch tone which is clear, crisp and loud, everything you need to build a reliable recall with your dog.

All whistles are supplied with a FREE lanyard so you will never lose it or never struggle to find it in the bottom of a bag or pocket. 

"The Acme gundog whistles that I use are very robust.  In over thirty years I have never broken one  (though I have certainly lost a few) Their strength is another reason why I recommend them to pet dog owners too. And you can now get them in brighter colours which make them easier to find if you drop them. The Acme whistle also has a very consistent sound.  They come in different ‘pitches’ to suit the preference of the owner.  If you lose one, you can buy another with exactly the same tone".By Pippa Mattinson


  • Preferred whistle for training with dog trainers
  • Suitable for gun dogs
  • Clear, single pitch, crisp & loud tone (watch the video above to see)
  • Easy to blow
  • Each whistle is supplied with a FREE lanyard.
  • Made in the UK. 

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