Apple Cracker Dari

The Rosewood Apple Cracker Dari is an irresistible treat with a natural cotton corn suitable for hanging it to create an additional boredom busting game.

A whole cob of delicious Dari (also known as Egyptian Millet and Guinea Corn) is covered in a biscuit coating and then studded with apple pieces.

This generously sized treat should be fed over several days and not all at once, when finished make sure to use up all the small pieces that naturally 'shed' into the bag and sprinkle them around your little ones home for a fun brain stimulating game.

Suitable for almost all small animals including mice and gerbils as well as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.


  • Suitable for mice and other small animals
  • A delicious treat
  • Great for encouraging your little ones to move and stretch

Additional Information

Ingredients: Sorghum bicolor (66%), wheat flour, apples (15.1%), fresh egg, sugar, beet molasses