AristoCat Lounger

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Ideal for miniature dogs (cats too!) the Scruffs AristoCat Lounger is a deluxe sleeping space for your pet made with super soft fabrics for those precious little paws.

Predominantly designed for miniature dog breeds or cats the Haven bed can also be used for other small animals - we know some of you will want to know if it can be used for rabbits, it's not designed for them and isn't bunny chew proof so we would recommend supervision as with any other rabbit bed. 

Delightful Fabrics

Each pet bed features a striking wide pinstripe material, combined with a luxurious longhaired plush lining. 

Increased Support

The raised sides help protect from drafts and provide your pet with an additional sense of security.

Machine Washable

The entire bed is machine washable, please check the label before washing.

    Size Guide

    Before ordering please ensure your chosen size is right for your dog. 

    Approx 58 x 40 x 12cm