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With each bag costing just 3p the Beco Dispenser Pack is ideal for leaving in your car or at your back door so you can simply pull a bag off the roll as you need!

Plastic bags are a huge concern on a global scale which is why Beco bags are made with a degradable additive which breaks down after you dispose of them and allows them to be recycled along with other standard bags. Beco bags are bear sized too at 22cm x 33cm and are extra strong so that they won't tear, helping prevent any unpleasant accidents.

Please note the dispenser pack is not for use with the Beco pocket dispenser and instead provides you with convenient to poop bags in your home.

Did you know that only 1 in 200 standard plastic bags is recycled with the rest going to landfill that will never break down. Help to make a difference and choose Beco bags.


  • Dispenser pack contains 300 bags on a single roll
  • 3p per bag!
  • Convenient for your car or home
  • Eco friendly solution to picking up after your dog
  • Degradable additive breaks bags down after disposal
  • Extra large bear size bags 22cm x 33cm
  • Extra strong and anti tear
  • Not compatible with the Beco Pocket