Berry, Carrot & Coconut Trees - Outlet store

Damage to 'trees' some broken apart, some are complete but a lot of broken up bits that would be ideal for sprinkling in forage boxes etc

These tasty Berry, Carrot & Coconut Trees from the Rosewood Naturals range are sure to bring some extra festive cheer to your pets treat jar.

Scrummy vegetable-based trees are decorated with carrot, coconut and vitamin-C-rich elderberries. 

They are also packed with herbs plus beneficial linseed.

Who are they for?

Crisp and crunchy they are loved by all small animals.

Additional Information

Pea flakes, vegetable oil, carrot 6.8%, parsley 5.5%, elderberries 4.65%, graminaceous seeds, canary grass seed, nettle 3.8%, buckwheat, parsley, hemp seed, linseed 2.3%, fennel seed, peppermint (1%), dandelion (0.9%), black cumin seed, vegetable starch

Min pack weight 80g.