Henry Wag

Car Boot & Bumper Protector

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The Henry Wag Car Boot & Bumper Protector means you and your dog can enjoy an active outdoor lifestye without worrying about muddy paws and a soggy coat making a mess in your car.

Saves You Time

Now you can just enjoy the fun with your dog without worrying about the hours spent cleaning up.

Protecting your boot space enables you to travel with your dog to your favourite walking spots, allowing you to exercise the most active of dogs on the muddiest days whilst giving you the full active lifestyle you seek.

Weighted Bumper Protection

This incredibly clever design addition helps shield the car bumper from scratches and the weight keeps the boot flap in place preventing it moving as your dog jumps in or out. 

Tough & Water-Resistant Fabric

This high-quality boot protector is made from tough tear-resistant fabric which is quilted to double thickness and features a water resistant backing to further protect your car upholstery.

The fabric can be brushed clean or machine washed at 30 degrees (check the label for full washing instructions).

These features are designed to keep your interior safe from even the wettest, muddiest or sandiest of dogs!

Easy to Fit

The cover secures with adjustable straps which fit around the rear head restraints and it fixes to the back of the rear seats with a hook and loop fastener.

Henry Wag's Boot & Bumper Protector is available in two sizes each designed to fit a different style of car whether it's a large SUV or estate or a smaller hatchback.



  • Protects car interior
  • Weighted bumper panel provides additional bumper protection
  • Tough tear-resistant fabric
  • Water resistant backing
  • Brush clean or machine wash
  • Securely attaches to car interior
  • Side panels protect car boot sides
  • Two sizes available for Hatchback/SUV/Estate

Size Guide

Small (Hatchback) - fits boot space up to 100 x 70cm

Large (SUV/Estate) - fits boot space up to 110 x 110cm