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SnuggleSafe Bunny Warren Interchange Set


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The SnuggleSafe Interchange Bunny Warren Set comprises tunnels and a central 3-way interchange to create a twisting, turning rabbit tunnel.

So simple to use the Bunny Warren is an expanding and bendy tunnel which can be pulled to your required length and shape.

The All Weather SnuggleSafe Bunny Warren Interchange Set is made from polyethelene making it weather resistant, ideal for outdoor hutches and runs - so much so that our own rabbits Libby & Chuzzlewit have their own warrens to scamper through!

This 3 piece set comprises two shorter bunny warren tubes and an Interchange cube with 3- openings. It is the Interchange which forms the hub of an exciting warren system which can be enlarged as required. Use the set as a starter kit or an add-on to existing Bunny Warren's.

In the wild rabbits live in a network of tunnels and it's these warrens that give them a safe place to hide, relax and regulate their temperature. Domestic rabbits retain those same instincts as their wild counterparts and will get a huge amount of enjoyment from scampering through the SnuggleSafe Bunny Warren as it satisfies a natural instinct and helps prevent boredom.


  • Interchange Set
  • Comprises 2 shorter tunnels & 1 cube
  • Weather resistant
  • Extending & bendy
  • Multiple tunnels can be joined together
  • Satisfies natural instincts
  • Washable
  • Use indoors & outdoors

Size Guide

Each tunnel extends to 15″ (38cm) 8″ (210mm) diameter.