The Dog Treat Company

Calm Moments Premium Liver Treat Pouch

The Dog Treat Company Calm Moments are super palatable dog treats made in the UK to appeal to all our furry friends.

Baked with premium liver not only are they delicious but the addition of Chamomile, Lavender and Organic Coconut oil can help calm and soothe.

(Also available in 150g Treat Pots).

Natural Ingredients

These natural dog treats are hand-baked grain, wheat and gluten-free, they don't contain any added salt, artificial additives or preservatives and are made using only premium grade liver.


The Dog Treat Company Calm Moments not only contain naturally calming herbs but also have the added bonus of lauric acid found in the coconut oil which can also help to boost pups immunity!

Each handmade biscuits is also packed with highly digestible liver proteins as well as being high in amino acids; the building blocks of all tissues.

Handbaked in the UK

Using ingredients which are all sourced in the UK and hand baked in Devon The Dog Treat Company are proud to only include human grade and ethically sourced products in their entire dog treat range.

    Additional Information

    Ingredients Gram Flour, Chicken Liver, Vegetable oil, Organic cocnut oil, Chamomile, Lavender

    Analysis Crude protein 20%; Crude fibre 3%, Inorganic matter 2%, Crude Oils and Fats 13%

    Pack size 50g