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WildWash Fragrance No.1 Calm is a beautifully designed and created Tinned Candle to eliminate pet odour in your home.

A leading UK candle house worked with Wildwash to create wonderfully complex and beautiful scents using only 100% pure essential oils.

The Scent

Candle Calm with Lavender, Rose and Ho-Wood has a soft, soothing aroma, which can help to relax and de-stress, great for anxiety.

Neutralises Odours

Designed to help eliminate pet odours and leave your room freshly scented.

Gentle Scent

Using top quality fragrances and natural essential oils the different scents fill your home with an aroma that's never overwhelming!

Vegan & Eco-Friendly

All ingredients used are derived from sustainable, renewable sources and are GM free, organic and certified vegan.

No paraffin, petroleum chemicals or palm waxes are used and the wicks are lead-free and made of natural fibre.


These candles will give approximately 40 hours burning time. Please always burn the candle until the melted wax hits the sides of the tin in order to get an even burn. This stops the candle from tunneling and will give you the maximum burning time.