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Carrot & Pumpkin Healthy Bites


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Soopa Carrot & Pumpkin Healthy Bites are a superfood snack packed with nutrition that has been created to care for your dog.

Super nutritious and super delicious, Soopa Carrot & Pumpkin Healthy Bites are a hypoallergenic grain free treat ideal as training rewards and supplied in a resealable pillow style pouch which can be kept in your pocket for instant delivery to your dog when needed.

Pumpkin seeds are known as ‘Power Seeds’ as they are excellent for skin, coat, soothing digestion and may even help protect your dog against intestinal parasites and worms. 

Coconut oil is a superfood rich in MCT’s which studies have found help boost your dog’s brain power while turmeric has anti-cancer properties to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Simple, delicious, nutritious & best of all dogs love them!

Each packet of four dental sticks is simply delicious, nutritious & best of all dogs love them!


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Human grade
  • Naturally rich in MCT's
  • May protect against intestinal parasites & worms
  • Natural ingredients
  • Low calorie treat

Suitable for Dogs with

  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Pancreatitis
  • Low Immunity
  • Kidney/Liver Disease

Additional Information

Ingredients: Whole potato flour, potato starch, veg glycerine, carrot pieces dried, calcium carbonate, pumpkin seed flour, organic coconut oil, turmeric, potassium sorbate.

Pack Size: 50g

Composition: Oil/Fat 2.69%, Crude Protein 4.30%
Crude Fibre 1.30%. Ash 5.20%, Moisture 15.8%