Chateau Orthopedic Box Bed

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A memory foam orthopedic inner mattress makes the Scruffs Chateau Orthopedic Box Bed perfectly suited to larger breeds, older dogs or pets that require increased levels of support for their back and joints.

Memory Foam Series

The Chateau Orthopedic dog bed is filled with crumb memory foam, it's these dense particles which mould to the shape of your dog to achieve the ultimate level of support.  

Raised Support Sides

The beds side-walls benefit from a memory foam fill which provides additional support for your dog as they snuggle into their bed as well as shielding them from unwanted drafts.

Luxurious Fabrics

The Château Box Bed is covered in a luxury short-pile plush top cover with faux leather side walls.

Waterproof Resistant Liner

An inner water-resistant liner helps protect the bed's memory fill against the ingress of water and odour.

Machine Washable Covers

The outer cover can be removed and is machine washable on a gentle cycle, please check the label before washing.


  • Memory foam
  • Ideal for larger breeds
  • Increased support & comfort for joints
  • Water-resistant liner
  • Machine washable covers

Size Guide

Before ordering please ensure your chosen size is right for your dog. 

Medium - 60 x 50 x 19cm

Extra Large - 90 x 70 x 16cm.