Christmas Baubles Treat Challenge

Limited Edition, order while stocks last!

A tasty and fun festive chew and treat toy from Rosewood.

The Christmas Baubles Toy & Treat Challenge is an edible hay covered parchment board with three baubles containing an irresistible carrot and fenugreek filling topped with beetroot, marigold and coconut.

Your little ones will LOVE it!

    Additional Information 

    composition: Hay 50.5%, Starch 25.4%, Carrots 11.5%, Yellow Millet 5.2%, Fenugreek Seed 2.1%, Beetroots 1..8%, Coconut 1.8%, Red Millet 1.3%, Marigold Blossoms 0.4%

    approx. 28 x 18 x 2cm