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Clix Multi Clicker

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At Barks & Bunnies we love clicker training! It allows a dog to learn quickly and effectively without any force.

The Clix Clicker by The Company of Animals has an additional feature of volume/tone adjustment of the click, perfect for any dogs that are sound sensitive.

Included is a free step-by-step guide that shows you how to teach your dog to sit, lie down, recall and perform basic heelwork.

With the fun positive reward based training that a clicker provides you can teach your dog almost anything, from fetching your slippers, to closing doors or even fun tricks.


  • Enables fast, force free learning
  • Adjustable volume for sound sensitive dogs
  • Free step-by-step guide included
  • Make training fun 

Additional Information 

Kate Mallatratt of Contemplating Canines is a qualified behaviourist and trainer, passionate about great products that help meet your dog’s and your own needs.

"Clicker training is a fabulous way to communicate with your dog. The click sound indicates your dog has offered the correct behaviour and a treat is on its way. The best way to learn clicker training is to find a local class or join Contemplating Canine online clicker training classes that are available to anyone, wherever you live. These focus on errorless learning, setting up the environment for success and removing frustration that may be a barrier to learning.

"There are a number of different styles of clickers on the market. They tend to vary in volume and amount of pressure needed for to make the “click” sound. Choose a clicker with a quiet “click” for a dog with sound sensitivity."