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Clix Noises & Sounds CD

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The Clix Noises & Sounds CD is a proven technique for desensitisation of sound phobias in dogs and for prevention of noise sensitivities in puppies.

Does your dog flinch at loud noises? On November 5th does your dog run behind the sofa to hide? Does the lawn mower send your dog running inside? 

Many dogs are bothered by unfamiliar or unexpected sounds. Your dog's hearing is significantly better than us humans and so it can be hard for them to ignore noises that create stress or anxiety.

The Clix Noises and Sounds CD is designed to help dogs with sound phobias. The disc includes very realistic renditions of fireworks, gunfire, thunder, transport noises, household noises and even human noises like babies crying.

After purchasing when you receive your CD you simply follow the discs carefully laid out instructions. Over a period of time you should gradually be able to increase the volume of the relevant track played to your dog as their anxiety reduces.


  • Shown on the Alan Titchmarsh show (see video below)
  • Used for Treatment & Prevention of Sound Phobias
  • Wide Variety of Noises & Sounds
  • Recommended by Vets
  • Comprehensive Training Guide

Sounds Included

  • Bangs: Fireworks, Thunder and Lightning, Gunfire, Shotgun, Crow-scarer
  • Transportation: Trains, Subways, Planes, Helicopter, Cars Passing, Buses, Motorbikes, Emergency Sirens, Roadworks
  • Household Appliances: Lawnmower, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner
  • People: Children Playing, Babies Crying, Crowd/Parties

See it in action - watch the video