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Halti Double Ended Lead

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The Company of Animals double ended dog leads are a versatile product for you and your dog made with a softer than average webbing to be easy on your hands whilst still maintaining durability and robustness.

Complete with a clip on both ends (instead of the more commonly recognised clip at one end) there are several ways to use this multi-purpose dog lead. 

The main function of a double ended dog lead is in conjunction with a comfortable dog harness which has 2 points of contact (i.e. a ring on the back as well as the chest). The COA double ended dog lead has two clips with one being slightly more ‘lightweight’ than the other, this should be clipped to the front chest loop of your dogs harness while the more heavy duty clip is fastened to the back.

By using a double ended dog lead like this in conjunction with your dogs harness it can help your dog find their own natural posture enabling them a more balanced, comfortable walk. It can sometimes also assist in the prevention of pulling because your dog cannot pull on forward in a straight line.

The COA double ended dog lead also has a number of die-cast rings spaced at intervals down the length of the lead which allows you to clip one end to your dog and then alter the length of the lead making it longer or shorter for times when you dog doesn't need the front clip of their harness. 

Double ended, multi purpose leads can be ideal for dog training classes because of the variety of functions which allow you to train heel work in a kind, force free way and start building up distance to your dogs recall and stay.

We use double ended leads ourselves with Albie & Kizzie as shown on our harness review here.


  • Use in conjunction with front and back clipping harness - see Ruffwear Front Range
  • Multi purpose
  • Softer than average webbing
  • Die-cast rings to prevent rusting
  • Ideal for use in dog training classes
  • Versatile with many uses
  • Colour provided will be black

Size Guide

Please note the breed suitable for is an approximate guide only and you should always measure your dog before placing your order. 

Width of Webbing
Length Suitable for
Small 15mm  2 metres Spaniel, Boxer, Terrier
Large 25mm
2 metres
Labrador, Rottweiler, & Larger

See it in action - watch the video