SnuggleSafe CoolPod

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The SnuggleSafe CoolPod is solid cooling block and provides the complete answer for animals who feel the heat.

Suitable for use with all pets including both dogs and rabbits (lucky for a website called Barks & Bunnies hey!) the CoolPod by SnuggleSafe automatically cools when your pet lies on it.

The cooling block helps to instantly reduce your pet's body temperature preventing them from overheating and giving much-needed relief on hot sunny days. To speed the automatic cooling process up you can refrigerate the CoolPod before giving it to your little ones.

There are no wires, no electricity and the SnuggleSafe CoolPod is also bite resistant and non-toxic.

Suitable for use whether inside or outdoors and also when travelling.


  • Automatically cools when your pet lies on it
  • No electricity
  • Bite resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • No freezing required
  • Provides comfort for older pets suffering joint pain
  • Can be placed into your pet’s favourite bed or crate
  • Can be used indoors or out

Size Guide 

Approx 30 x 20cm

Additional Information

Please note. This product is not 'damage-proof' it is sold as bite resistant and not puncture proof. Any animal (dog, rabbit, cat or other) may be able to cause damage either by eating/nibbling the material or with sharp claws. The filling is 100% non-toxic and safe to your pet should any damage occur. We recommend this product is used with supervision.