Cosy Roll 200

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The Maelson Cosy Roll 200 seat cover provides a safe environment for your dog when traveling and keeps your car clean at the same time too - win win!

There is no greater simple pleasure than taking your dog out for a walk but cleaning the car out after isn't always quite such fun and this hammock cover eliminates that problem with one easy solution. 

With it's full coverage of the rear car seats your car will be protected from mud, pet hair and scratches and the Cosy Roll 200 is machine washable making even the muddiest dog walk easy to deal with.

The blanket is of sleeping bag 7D quality hollow fibre, double layer filling (200g/m2 per layer) and providing padded insulation from cold ground and floors the Maelson car seat cover can withstand temperatures of up to -10 degrees celsius.

Removable quick lock plastic buckles secure the car seat cover to the front and rear headrests while a middle zipper allows versatility with a passenger still able to travel in the back when needed. 

Rubber patches on the base of the Maelson Cosy Roll 200 give anti-slip protection, something your dog will appreciate while on the move giving them additional security and comfort. 

Your dog can still use their car harness to travel in complete safety as the carefully designed Maelson Cosy Roll 200 includes slots which allow the seatbelt clips to be used.

When not in use a nylon carry bag is also included to store the blanket.


  • Machine washable fabric
  • Secures easily
  • Seat belts accessible to using a car harness

Size Guide

Size: 200 x 150cm

Suitable for most vehicles