Mini Declan Donkey

The Rosewood Mini Declan Donkey is crackling, giggling fun.

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from Santa Paws! 

Made with a cuddly plush body and lanky arms and legs that your dog can enjoy flipping, throwing or even dragging! A squeak hidden in the body keeps play engaging for your dog over the festive season and the Santa hat.... well it's just too cute not to mention!

For a cheery friend to keep your dog company this Christmas look no further than the Rosewood Mini Declan Donkey.

Some dogs prefer specifically shaped toys, others prefer soft plush and then some just like to play with anything! Most dogs naturally want to play and toys really can enrich their life with variety to their day, exercise, and interaction with their human owner. So keep play fun, engaging and if you are anything like us you will keep buying toy after toy while you try and find your dog's favourite!


  • Cuddly
  • Plush
  • Squeaks
  • Christmas Gift

Size Guide

approx W11 x D12 x H25cm

ideal for small dogs to spaniel size