Direct to Seatbelt Tether - Outlet store

The Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether keeps your dog safely restrained so you can concentrate on the road.

Driver distraction is a leading cause of car accidents and when Fido travels in your car there is even more reason to use a tether to keep both you and them safe.

This simple to use seatbelt tether attaches to any dog car harness and clicks into the female socket of your car seatbelt. Use in the front passenger seats or rear, just secure your dog and drive - easy!

By clicking directly in your vehicle’s seatbelt attachment there is no need to undo the seatbelt every time your dog gets in or out, just unclip the carabiner. With a universal fit and the option to extend the length of the tether, all dogs are catered for with this fantastic must have tether by Kurgo.

The tether is recommended for use with any Kurgo car harness rather than your dogs normal walking harness, normal dog walking harnesses don't have the load capability to cope in crash circumstances.

    Size Guide

    Can be extended from 15" to 22" for a broader range of movement