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Pet Carrier Stroller

Henry Wag

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For those times when your dog or other pets can't walk on all four paws, the Henry Wag Pet Carrier provides a comfortable and practical solution.

Complete with zipped doors for easy access from above and below it's easy to gently move your pet without causing any discomfort.

The mesh doors and ventilated side panels ensure good air flow keeping a comfortable temperature and also allowing your pet to smell all those exciting smells in the air while on the move.

Used as a stroller the Henry Wag Pet Carrier has double wheels for added durability and the extending handle ensures comfort for you as you push your pet along.

Alternatively, the Pet Carrier can be used as a backpack so your pet can travel up high and look out over the world from the safety and security of being right beside you. The padded straps adjust easily for comfort helping to spread the load.

This adaptable pet carrier is ideal for use in a variety of situations from taking your puppy out before their vaccinations to older dogs who still enjoy to go out but get tired quickly. 

Suitable for dogs up to 6.5kg this excellent addition to the Henry Wag brand is ideal for all small pets and not just limited to dogs.


  • Zipped doors give access from above and below
  • Mesh door and ventilation side panels
  • 2 zipped storage side packets
  • Double wheels for added durability
  • Padded straps adjust easily for comfort
  • Suitable for small pets up to 6.5kg

Size Guide 

Approx 36 x 30 x 49cm