Dry Box Deluxe Food Storage Container

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The Maleson Dry Box Deluxe Food Storage Container is a hermetic storage solution to keep dry pet food fresh and safe from prying paws!

Complete with a hinged lid and a set of gasket seals which are form-fitted into the opening lid between the upper and lower sections there is a 100% hermetic seal to keep food fresh and tasting great. 

Transparent windows on either side of the Dry Box Deluxe allow you to monitor the food level inside alerting you when supplies are getting low.

The simple design and dark colourways reduce the amount of light food is exposed to preserving the nutritional value and extending food life. 

All Maelson products are manufactured with premium quality materials and the Dry Box Deluxe Food Storage Container is no different with it's durable, FDA approved food grade plastic.


  • Genuine Maelson product
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Hermetic sealing food storage
  • Windows for food level monitoring
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Food scoop included

Size Guide 

Approx 56 x 24 x 41cm

Stores up to 13kg