Excel Herbage Dandelion & Marigold

Burgess Excel Herbage is timothy hay with a difference that your rabbits and other small animals will find irresistible.

Long Fibre Hay

Excel Herbage is an extra tasty Timothy Hay with herbs and is a delicious source of quality, sweet-smelling long fibre, suitable for all small animals.

Its unique drying process produces longer, sweeter, greener hay.

Added Marigold & Dandelion

The addition of Marigold and Dandelion makes this a real tasty timothy hay variety with added foraging fun while your little ones hunt out the different ingredients.

Health Benefits

It helps prevent boredom, promotes a healthy immune system, aids digestion, the urinary tract system and, because it has the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio, it is beneficial for healthy bone development.

  • Marigold provides an important source of Lutein with its natural anti-viral properties to help support the immune system
  • Dandelion aids urinary tract health

High Fibre

Timothy Hay is a good quality source of natural fibre, essential for gentle digestion.

Encourage Natural Behaviours

Encourages the foraging behaviour seen in the wild to prevent boredom and promotes natural chewing behaviour which is good for teeth. 

Additional Information

Pack size 1kg