Flower Cracker

This isn't just any old Christmas cracker, this is the Rosewood Naturals Flower Cracker designed especially for your rabbits and small animals.

Your pets wont be able to pull their cracker but this is even better... they can eat the whole thing! and as they enjoy nibbling their way through it they will find a hidden surprise inside.

The outer parchment tube is covered in rabbit friendly marigold which then reveals a layer of deliciously tempting meadow hay and as your rabbits and small animals get to the middle there is a special treat waiting.

Want to know what the surprise is? Well we don't want to give away the secret but a full list of ingredients is available below so you can make sure it's suitable for your little-ones. 

Your rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries might be small but they certainly won't be forgotten this Christmas.

Limited Edition, order now while stocks last.


  • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas & degus
  • Surprise cracker
  • Rabbit-safe variety of marigold
  • Boredom breaker
  • Suitable for pets older than 6 weeks

Additional Information 

Ingredients: Vegetable starch, hay (24.6%), marigold blossoms (24.6%) pea flour, carrot, dandelion, beetroot, parsley

Approx size of parchment roll 20cm x 6cm