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Glitter Exercise Ball

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The Boredom Breaker Glitter Exercise Ball gives your hamsters and gerbils a fun, safe way to explore and exercise.

For those times when you want to let your furry pals stretch their legs and explore their surroundings every now and again this exercise ball could be the answer.

We would always suggest that a ball like this is used with supervision and that you don't let them run (or roll!) around the house freely, but by putting them in an exercise ball they have the chance to get extra exercise and have a change of scenery.

You are able to stay with them the whole time to supervise and make sure they don't get lost and used for a maximum of 20 minutes a day on a flat, level surface it's a chance for a fun adventure. 

Made from high quality, recycled, shatter-resistant plastic, this is a fun and safe product for your pet. And the glittery design will add a bit of sparkle to their day!


  • Safe and secure way to explore
  • Shatter resistant and recycled plastic
  • Use for a maximum of 20 minutes a day
  • Glitter is sealed inside the plastic

How to use

Easily assembled by clicking the two halves together. Only place your furry pal inside once fully assembled.

Doors unlock by twisting anti-clockwise. To close, turn clockwise until the door clicks.

Only use supervised and on a flat, level surface.

Size Guide

18cm diameter. 


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