Golden Gift Box

Sometimes the packaging is just as important as what's inside and the Rosewood Naturals Golden Gift Box is a treat from the outside all the way in!

Each Golden Gift Box is a delicious marigold and coconut coated parchment cube which gives your pets a creative and fun challenge as they enjoy 'bunstructing' their festive treat to reach the herbs inside.

With a star-shaped window on 4 sides of the Rosewood Golden Gift Box it's a festive addition to any small animals home and the tempting blend of herbs, green oat and apple inside is the perfect treat this Christmas. 

Your rabbits, guinea pigs and other furries might be small but they certainly won't be forgotten this Christmas!

(the decorative and delicious coconut should be fed sparingly as a special treat, please ensure your little ones can only consume a limited amount at any time).


  • Suitable for all small animals
  • Marigold and coconut covered parchment cube
  • Star-shape windows
  • Herbs and apple inside
  • Natural ingredients

Additional Information 

composition:marigold blossoms (18.8%), vegetable starch, cellulose fibre, apple (9.4%), green oat, parsley (7.5%), alfalfa, wheat ears, coconut (3.8%), nettle (2.9%), melissa (2.7%), dandelion (1.8%), hay, peppermint (0.8%), anise, chamomile (0.4%)

Approx size; 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 12.5cm