Gor Pets

Gor Flex Flashing Ball

The Gor Flex Flashing Ball toy from Gor Pets has a flashing ball encased in the outer soft rubber shell. The inner ball flashes when shaken or thrown making it ideal for playtime even when it's dark.

Whether out on a dog walk or at home your dog will still want to play and when it's dark that isn't always so easy, but the Gor Flex Flashing Ball solves the problem!

The outer shell of the Flashing Ball has holes so you can create an interactive toy by inserting treats into the holes, it might not last quite as long as other interactive treat dispensing toys due to the size of the holes but when thrown with treats inside ayour dog will have plenty to go fetch! 

The Gor Flex range by Gor Pets is made using TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which offers a superb combination of rubber and plastic to give a very tough and flexible toy. 


  • Watch the video below
  • Flashes to make it easy to find
  • Rugby shape for an unpredictable bounce
  • Treats can be placed inside
  • Tough & Flexible

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See it in action - watch the video