Gor Pets

Gor Flex Spike Ring

A fun hoop-shaped dog toy the Gor Flex Spike Ring by Gor Pets not only provides entertainment for your dog but can assist with their dental health too.

The ring-shaped toy can be rolled along the floor for your dog to chase or thrown. The soft spikes are durable but soft enough to be gentle on your dog's gums giving them a massage and helping to improve dental health in a fun and easy way.

Making it possible for your dog to enjoy even more games this superbly playful toy also floats in water so can be taken to the beach of anywhere else your dog might enjoy a water game.

The Gor Flex Spike Ring is made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which combines rubber with plastic to create a very tough and flexible toy. 


  • Tough & durable
  • Double the fun with a variety of uses
  • Fetch toy
  • Treat hole for interactive fun
  • Floats (without rope)

Size Guide

Medium; approx 12cm (ideal for spaniel sized breeds & similar)

Large; approx 17cm