Gourd Bottle & Bowl

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The Kugo Gourdo Water Bottle is a dog water bottle and bowl which from the moment you touch it is instantly clear it's been made to be durable, robust and friendly for both dogs and humans.

The water bottle itself holds an impressive 750ml of water which is clearly marked on the side of the bottle so you can see at a glance when it might need topping up.

BPA Free

The entire Guordo from the bottle to the bowl is BPA and PVC free so you can confidently hydrate your dog knowing they are safe.

Carry Handle

The grey carry handle is a useful addition to the Gourdo allowing you to comfortably carry the bottle by hand or fasten it to bags, hiking equipment or other accessories.

Bottle & Bowl in One

The base of the bottle features a detachable 'cup' which removes with a firm squeeze and is angled to allow your dog to comfortably fit their tongue inside.

For Humans & Dogs

The clever design allows separate drinking so you can both keep hydrated out on your adventures, you can drink directly from the bottle by either removing the entire lid or sliding the green topper backward while your dog enjoys their drink direct from the bowl. 

Valve Prevents Accidental Leakage

On the inside of the screw top lid is a screw in valve which can be set to open or closed. When set to the closed position it prevents water pouring freely from the bottle requiring you to fully remove the lid in order to open the bottle which stops any accidental leaks. 


Reuse and refill the water bottle everytime your dog needs a drink to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles being discarded. The Gourdo also helps prevent water wastage by using the cup included rather trying to pour water directly into your dogs mouth.

Dishwasher Safe

All pieces are dishwasher safe and the valve should also be removed for cleaning.


  • Lifetime warranty (full details here)
  • Portable travel bottle & bowl
  • Leaf lid folds over to create drinking bowl
  • Dishwasher safe leaf lid
  • Helps reduce plastic waste
  • Carabiner included

Size Guide

Approx 21cm x 8.5cm 

Bottle holds approx 750ml

Bowl holds approx 250ml

Please note this bottle is not recommended for use with the DOOG Walkie Bag unless attached by the carabiner to a metal ring.