Happy Pet

Grass House

The Nature First Grass House by Happy Pet gives your little ones their own special something new and interesting to explore.

Made out of 100% natural woven grass, this little house has loads of nibbling and gnawing potential and would make a great addition to any small animals boredom busting accessories.

Ideal for smaller animals such as mice to hide and sleep in or why not stuff it full of hay, dried herbs and other natural forage to create a super boredom busting edible toy.

The Grass House is part of the fantastic Nature First range by Happy Pet and is a quick and simple way to provide a hiding place for small animals or foraging fun for everyone no matter their size.


  • Suitable for mice to hide in
  • Creates a safe place to sleep/rest
  • Stuff with hay and other forage for larger animals to create a boredom busting toy
  • 100% natural woven grass
  • 3 separate entrance/exit holes

Size Guide

Measures approx 9cm diameter