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Grunt! Grunt! Grunt! said the Fat Cat Gruntleys...

This family of outspoken oinkers features a perfectly-porklike sound device that dogs just can’t resist. So forget the bacon rasher as a weekend treat – these happy hogs will have your dog beggin’ for more (and more)! E-I-E-I-O all week round! 

Soft and plush but stitched to a high quality the Fat Cat Gruntley Pigs will add variety to your dog's toy box with their unique grunting sound.

One of the best selling Fat Cat Dog Toys the Gruntleys are available in three colours so all dogs can enjoy a change from the normal squeaky dog toys and switch to a soft grunting pig! 

If you have a preferred colour option please pop a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our best, however if it is unavailable we will ask Albie (our golden retriever!) to choose you a different colour.


  • Watch the video below to see the Gruntley in action!
  • Best seller from the Fat Cat range
  • Protected “grunter” sound-maker inside drives dogs hog-wild!
  • Made of soft plush and canvas construction
  • High Quality

Size Guide

Approx (h) 14.5 x 8cm 

Also commonly referred to as the Gruntley Mini

See it in action - watch the video