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Extra Select Probiotic Hedgehog Crumble is suitable for all native hedgehogs and can be a vital food source to help care for our prickly garden friends. 

Probiotic Food Source

Each bag contains a natural mix of pro-biotic pellets, roasted suet granules and dried black solider fly larvae.

The pro-biotic pellets are designed to help improve their digestion and general wellbeing; the importance of which cannot be underestimated given that the UK population of hedgehogs is declining alarmingly.

Nutritional Benefits

High in natural proteins & oils.

Why feed Hedgehogs?

Feed the hungry hogs in your garden to help them build the energy they need when raising hoglets and increase their fat reserves for their long winter hibernation. They will especially appreciate a meal in spring, summer and autumn before their long slumber in winter.

Don't forget to pop a shallow water dish close to their feeding station too!

Other ways to help?

Leave areas of your garden 'wild', with piles of leaf litter and logs, these are an attractive nest as well as a home for the invertebrates (slugs, beetles) that hedgehogs like to eat.

Consider putting a hedgehog house in your garden too and leaving gaps in your fences so they can find their way between gardens.

Additional Information

Composition; Pro-Biotic Pellet (Poultry meal, wheat, maize, calcium carbonate, flax seed meal, black solider fly larvae, beet pulp, blood powder, poultry oil, salt, pro-biotic, rosemary extract) Roasted Suet Granules, Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Analysis; Protein 40%, Fats and Oils 19%, Fibres 3%, Ash 8%