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Henry Wag Cooling Mat for Pets

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The Henry Wag Pet Cooling Mat provides instant and fast cooling relief to your pets helping keep them comfortable in hot weather. 

Pet safe, non-toxic gel pads are sealed inside the outer durable fabric allowing complete flexibility of use with no mess - yes that means no more soggy wet towels draped around your home and no more washing!

Cooling Temperature

The mat's temperature remains lower than your pet's body temperature providing them with comfortable and refreshing relief from the heat on hot summer days. 

It can also provide comfort for older pets suffering from joint pain.

How to Use

Simply remove from the box and place on the floor or where your pet is likely to rest. As soon as your dog or pet puts any weight on the mat the cooling effect is instantly triggered.

How does it work? 

It's always the simple ideas that are the best isn't it and the Henry Wag Pet Cooling Mat really is one of the best. Inside the outer layer is an innovative completely safe gel that cools your dog down by gently drawing heat away from its body.

There is no need to wait for the gel to start working, the cooling begins immediately from the moment weight is placed on the mat.

Portable & Convenient

Because the cooling effect is integrated into the mat itself it can be used anywhere without any additional accessories required.

The Pet Cooling Mat can be placed on the floor, in a car, a crate or wherever your pet needs it most, however, we would always recommend there is enough space to give them the opportunity to move away once they have cooled down.

Puncture Resistant

Designed to be durable and made with puncture resistant fabrics your pets can benefit from the cooling time and time again.

To prevent any damage we recommend that use is supervised.

Extra Small & Giant Large Sizes

Available in four different sizes the Henry Wag Pet Cool Mat has been created for almost any sized pet from cats to rabbits, toy breeds of dog and giant ones too! 

Is it big enough?

The key area for your pet to remain cool is around their vital organs and so even if your dog can't fit their whole body onto the mat they will still benefit from the cooling effect. Many cooling coats for dogs are styled to target the chest area and vital organs rather than the entire body and a cooling mat can be used effectively in a similar way.

Our own golden retrievers use the XL size and can't lie fully stretched out on it however their upper body comfortably fits keeping their vital organs cool and them relaxed. 

We would recommend that before ordering you measure an existing bed your pet uses (or their body length) and select your size accordingly. 

    Size Guide

    Available in 4 sizes;

     Size Dimensions (cm)
    Small 30 x 40
    Medium 40 x 50
    Large 50 x 65
    Extra Large 50 x 90