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Henry Wag Cooling Mat

Henry Wag

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The Henry Wag Cooling Mat is a pet cool mat with innovative gel that helps to keep your dog and other pets cool by drawing heat away from their body. 

The mat's temperature remains lower than your pet's body temperature providing them with comfortable and refreshing relief from the heat on hot summer days. It can also provide comfort for older pets suffering from joint pain.

With no need to refrigerate before use The Henry Wag Pet Cooling Mat gets colder as soon as your pet lies on it and can be used in their favourite bed, crate, on the floor or even in the car when travelling.

This is a lightweight cooling mat which is soft under paw for your much loved pet and puncture resistant for durability.


  • Keeps pets cool
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Provides comfort for older pets suffering joint pain
  • Can be placed into your pet’s favourite bed or crate
  • Lightweight, soft, puncture resistant and durable
  • Can be used indoors or out

Size Guide

Available in 4 sizes:

Small: 30 x 40cm

Medium: 40 x 50cm

Large: 50 x 65cm

Extra Large: 50 x 90cm

Additional Information

Please note. This product is puncture resistant and not puncture proof. Any animal (dog, rabbit, cat or other) may be able to cause damage either by eating/nibbling the material or with sharp claws. The filling is 100% non-toxic and safe to your pet should any damage occur. We recommend this product is used with supervision.