Henry Wag

Elevated Dog Bed

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A comfortable bed is essential when striving for excellence in pet care and it's hard to find anything better than the Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed.

With an impressive range of features, the Henry Wag Elevated Bed helps make for a restful night’s sleep leaving your dog fit, relaxed and refreshed for the day ahead.

Improved Air Circulation

Designed in the UK this innovative raised dog bed ensures excellent air circulation which helps keep your dog cool in summer and warm and cosy when the temperatures drop in winter keeping them away from cold floors and draughts.

Ergonomic Support

A firm wooden base provides a comfortable sleeping position and can also provide much-needed support for dogs with back or joint problems as well as those recovering from surgery.


The raised design of the Henry Wag bed makes it quite and simple to clean both in and around the bed improving hygiene giving you more time to enjoy being with your dog rather than cleaning up! It can also be beneficial for any dogs or owners who suffer from allergies and skin complaints.

The tightly woven and washable fabric cover does not absorb moisture from your dog and the quick-drying surface eliminates the build-up of bacteria which reduces odours and helps keep your dog’s bed fresh.

Strong Metal Frame

A strong and durable metal frame helps increase the longevity of your dog's bed and looks stylish in the home too.

Great Companion - Henry Wag Microfibre Noodle Mat

A practical and stylish microfibre mat is available to order for all sizes of the Henry Wag Elevated Bed helping keep it clean and dry here.


  • Keeps the dog off cold floors
  • Built with a strong durable metal frame
  • Side walls protect the dog from drafts
  • Solid board base supports the dogs back and hips
  • Raised base eliminates condensation and smell
  • Washable cover

Size Guide

Size External Dimensions (cm) Sleeping Area (cm) Weight up to (kg)
Small 57 x 40 x 30 51 x 34 10kg
Medium 71 x 57 x 30 65 x 51 15kg
Large 86 x 76 x 30 80 x 66 35kg
 Extra Large 107 x 87 x 30 101 x 81 65kg