Extra Select

Hi Energy Suet Pellets with Mealworms

Extra Select Hi Energy Suet Pellets with Mealworms provide both nutrition and energy in one irresistible treat that's guaranteed to excite existing garden birds whilst helping to attract new visitors too.

The Extra Select wild bird food range provides something for everyone, from the occasional feeder to the serious hobbyist.

Easy To Enjoy

The small pellets are easy for your feathered friends to enjoy straight from the feeder or to 'grab and go' before flying to a safer location. 

Year-Round Feeding

Ideal for feeding on their own or blending with your existing seed these mealworm pellets are perfect for year-round feeding and will be particularly welcomed through winter and spring.

Practical Storage

The small 1kg bag is easy to store, inexpensive and makes it straightforward to provide a little treat to your loved garden visitors with minimum fuss. 

Feeder Compatible

Feed from a multitude of different dispensers whether a specific suet pellet feeder, peanut feeder, bird table or ground feeder.

Additional Information

Contains Beef suet, wheat flour, Wheat Starch, Peanut, Dried Mealworm.

Analysis: Protein 10.6%, Fat 22%, Crude Fibre 0.4%, Crude Ash 1.2%, Moisture 9%