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Wipe Paws & Carry On Barrier Rug

Pet Rebellion

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The Pet Rebellion Wipe Paws & Carry On runner provides a stylish way to ensure that muddy footprints stay at the door!

We all love our muddy paws, whether we have 4, 8 or more, but sometimes we don't want paw prints trailed through the house and Pet Rebellion have a stylish solution.

The 'Wipe Paws & Carry On' door runner by Pet Rebellion has a non-slip back to provide ultimate grip and security. The highly absorbent fabric helps draw moisture away from your dog's paws into the runner when it needs washing simply run it through your washing machine (not with your dog!).

The door runner will help deal with any muddy shoes too meaning whether it's two feet or four paws your house can stay cleaner in one easy, convenient solution.

The fun design lets you and your visitors know that there is a four-legged friend in residence and also reminds the grown ups that they should be careful that they have not brought mud into the house. 

We also use this runner for our two rabbits Libby & Chuzzlewit, it provides grip on the floor and somewhere comfy to lie - in fact, it's one of Libby's favourite places to stretch out superman style!


  • Fully machine washable
  • Absorbent
  • All grip no slip
  • Floor Protection

Size Guide

Approx 45 x 100cm

Category: Floor Protectors

Type: Useful Stuff