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Soft Protection De-matting Comb


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The Rosewood Soft Protection De-matting Comb is a knot buster that is designed to remove matting with minimal loss of coat length.

The blades on the de-matting comb are specially shaped for effective cutting and feature small teeth which help collect any loose hair. There is no need to use scissors to cut matted fur away anymore!

Regular use of a slicker (porcupine) brush or comb will help avoid the formation of tangles but for those times when a bit of matting appears the de-matting comb with it's ergonomic, non-slip grip can be an essential dog grooming tool.

To use, keep the sharpened blades from touching your dog's skin and then comb in the direction of hair growth. Start at the outer edge of your dog's coat first and then work inwards to break apart any matted, tangled fur.

Ensure you use the tool gently, forcing the tool through is ineffective and will cause distress to your dog. 


  • Recommended by professionals
  • Remove small areas of knots/matted fur
  • Innovative blades to safety
  • Suitable for long haired breeds 

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