Duets Ball

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The Kong Duets ball is two toys in one.... both a fetch ball and interactive treat dispenser your dog has multiple options for how they want to play!

Providing double the fun the Kong Duets ball is a unique design that challenges and engages dogs while stimulating natural foraging behaviour.

The 'wavy' shaped opening around the entire ball allows soft pastes like peanut butter and soft cheese or treats to be stuffed into the gap making chasing this ball even more rewarding!

A glitter design ensures the Kong Duet feel even more playful and without a squeak this is perfect ball toy for dogs who get over enthusiastic with a squeak, or if you want some quiet indoor play!

The 'wavy' opening in the larger version of this toy is slightly wider to accommodate large sized treats.


  • Watch the video below to see the Kong Duets ball
  • Dual design for extra fun
  • Hide treats inside
  • Glitter design
  • Interactive, boredom buster
  • Fun & engaging design
  • No squeak

Please note colour supplied may vary.

Size Guide

Medium: approx 3.4" diameter (larger than a tennis ball)

Large: approx 4.7" diameter (this is a large toy ideal for rolling or being pawed)

See it in action - Watch the video

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