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Kong Puppy


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The Kong Puppy is inspired by the Kong Classic and made with a special rubber formula just right for your puppies gentle mouth and teething jaw. 

The curved shape of the Kong Puppy makes it perfect for games of fetch with an erratic bounce for extra fun. But why let the play stop there... the Kong Puppy has another 'trick up its paw' as an interactive feeder.

If your puppies gums are sore try soaking some of their kibble in water before stuffing into the kong then place the Kong in your freezer or fill with their soft wet food then freeze, great mental stimulation and soothing for their gums too.

Kong Puppy can aid in crate training, decrease separation anxiety, promote proper chewing behaviour and deter those less desirable habits!

We always leave our own dogs Albie & Kizzie with a Kong when going out to help them settle. Safe for the dishwasher too! 


  • Watch the video below to see how much dogs love a Kong!
  • The best selling dog toy in the world!
  • Stuff with treats to aid training or behaviour problems
  • Perfect for dogs who like to chew
  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Available in multiple strengths of rubber from puppy, to tough and senior

Additional Information

Kate Mallatratt of Contemplating Canines is a qualified behaviourist and trainer, passionate about great products that help meet your dog’s and your own needs.

"Kongs are dog’s best friend! Feed all your dog’s or puppy’s meals out of a Kong – you can place dried kibble inside and soak for a few minutes in water so that it doesn’t fall out easily. Raw meat or quality tinned food can easily be stuffed inside a Kong. In the summer make an ice-cream Kong by filling it with a stock cube dissolved in water and frozen. Peanut butter or cream cheese can also be smeared inside a Kong. You can introduce a dog or puppy to a crate by feeding all his meals in there in a Kong. Your dog or puppy can also be left with a stuffed Kong when ‘home alone’. Given each time you leave him, a stuffed Kong can reduce the feelings of disappointment that you are going out alone.

You can hold a Kong for your dog or puppy to feed out of whilst you groom him. As well as distracting him and helping him to stand still, it teaches him that hands/people around his food are a positive thing.

Kongs provide a wonderful puzzle-solving activity for your dog or puppy and enrich his feeding times – so dispense with your food bowl and buy a Kong!”.