Sports Balls

Kong Sports Balls are for the dog who loves to play ball!

Made from a more solid construction the Sports Balls are tougher than a standard tennis ball with extra thick rubber walls. Each pack comes with multiple balls so your dog can always be sure to have one while the other hides under the sofa!

Don't worry about squeaks either, the Kong Sports Balls contain no squeak so are ideal for dogs who get too enthusiastic with a squeak.

Made with non-abrasive felt to care for your dog's wellbeing their teeth and gums will be safe, no sandpaper here!

Some dogs prefer specifically shaped toys,some prefersoft plushtoys while other dogs willplay with anything! Most dogs naturally want to play and toys really can enrich their life, addingvariety to their day, exercise, and interaction withyou, their amazingowner. So keep play fun, engaging and if you are anything like us you will keep buying toy after toy while you try and find your dog's favourite!


  • Tougher than a standard tennis ball
  • Extra bouncy for games of fetch
  • Available in multiple sizes for all breeds of dog
  • Made with extra thick rubber walls
  • No squeaker!

Size Guide

Small (pack of 3) - 5.1cm suitable for small breeds & terriers

Medium (pack of 3) - 6.4cm average tennis ball size

Large (pack of two) - 8.3cm suitable for larger breeds