Leaf Travel Bottle

The Rosewood Portable Leaf Travel Bottle quickly provides your pet with drinking water when you are travelling or out on your adventures.

Perfectly designed as a water bottle and tray set the silicone leaf quickly flips over to create a water dispensing 'bowl'.


A handy carabiner makes the Leaf Travel Bottle ideal for attaching to bags, travel crates and other accessories which you take with you when on the move.

Bottle & Bowl in One

The silicone leaf flap quickly converts an ordinary water bottle into a bottle and bowl for dogs of almost any size.


Reuse and refill the water bottle everytime your dog needs a drink to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles being discarded.

Dishwasher Safe

The leaf lid is dishwasher safe while the bottle itself can simply be rinsed out and refilled.


  • Portable travel bottle & bowl
  • Leaf lid folds over to create drinking bowl
  • Dishwasher safe leaf lid
  • Helps reduce plastic waste
  • Carabiner included

Size Guide

Approx 21cm x 8.5cm 

Holds approx 500ml

Please note this bottle is not recommended for use with the DOOG Walkie Bag unless attached by the carabiner to a metal ring.