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This is the only Happy box where we give you the chance to tell us what sort of toys your dog prefers, why? Because as a wise Old Soul we believe they know what they like!

The Old Soul box cares for dogs who are older, perhaps a little wiser (!) and enjoying their twilight years. The items included are from our special range of toys designed for senior dogs which innovatively address common issues such as reduced vision to softer jaw muscles and brittle teeth.

These special toys are available in a limited size range and so each toy will be most suited to specific breeds, whether it's a plush toy which is big enough to be a comfortable pillow to a small dog or a ball perfectly sized for the dog who still enjoys a little game of fetch.

Size Guide

The size guide helps us select appropriately sized toys/treats for your dog. 


Small toy breeds




Labrador/Bernese Mountain Dog

X Large


Charity Donation

We donate 20p to charity with every box you order, that includes all repeating subscriptions too. You can see a list of the charities we have donated to here.


  • Order a single box
  • 20p donated to charity with every order
  • Designed to care for senior dogs
  • Contents worth more than the price you pay

The main image is 'Uncle Charlie', a member of theBarks & Bunnies family 

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