Dry Box Food Storage Container

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The Maleson Dry Box Food Storage Container keeps dry pet food fresh and unfortunately for your pets it also keeps it safe from their prying paws!

Fitted Seal

Complete with a form-fitted foam seal in the lid to keep moisture out the Dry Box Food Storage Container is suitable for all dry pet food, bird seed or even poultry feed.


Manufactured with durable, impact-resistant plastic.

Easy to Use

There is an ergonomically shaped carrying handle on the 3kg box and recessed carrying grips for your comfort on all other sizes.

Built-In Measuring Scoop

The wide opening lid ensures easy access and the built-in measuring scoop (not included with the 3kg box) helps portion control making it easy to see exactly how much is being fed.

Lockable Lid

A secure locking front latch keeps pests and bugs out - and your dog!

    Size Guide

      Dimensions Capacity
    Dry Box 3 27 x 22 x 31cm 3.5kg
    Dry Box 7.5 41 x 25 x 33cm 7.5kg
    Dry Box 15 41 x 25 x 56cm 15kg
    Dry Box 20 54 x 31 x 58 20kg