Soft Kennel Portable Home

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Please allow a minimum of 15 working days for your order to despatch, as soon as it becomes available it will be shipped however stock is arriving slowly and we are unable to confirm dates for specific sizes/colours. Stock is subject to unexpected delays, if your order hasn't arrived within the estimated number of working days please contact us via email for updates.

The Maelson Soft Kennel Portable Home gives your dog a safe place to rest which is safe, secure and constructed to a premium standard.

Steel Frame

The heavy-duty inner steel frame creates a strong, robust framework which gives your dog a place of comfort and safety. 

Easy Access

The three openings located on the front, top and sides provide easy access for you and your dog no matter where the kennel is placed.

Roll Down Blinds

With the option of using the integrated roll-down blinds your dog can either enjoy a view of the outside world and increased air ventilation via the mesh fabric panels or for those times when they require a little more privacy the roll down blinds can create a safe, secure hideaway.

Waterproof Base

There is a waterproof base to prevent any moisture from the ground from seeping through and so can be used both indoors and outside, perfect for travel, dog shows, and other outdoor events.

Please note that the fabric panels, mesh and roll-down blinds are NOT waterproof.

Seatbelt Strap

Each Soft Kennel is kitted with nylon loops on the top and nylon straps at the bottom, to secure the Soft Kennel either on the rear seat of a vehicle, or in the boot. 

Padded Cushion Liner

For your dog's complete comfort the Soft Kennel also comes with a luxuriously soft washable padded inner cushion. 

Additional Information

All the zips glide smoothly and each has a handy safety lock feature so that your dog can be secured and can't escape. Each corner of the Maelson Soft Kennel has reinforced corners to protect furnishings and car interiors.

These crates are not designed to contain a dog under any circumstance, if your dog is scared, panics, excited etc they will find a way out, the crate is made of fabric and as with any other plush toy or bed cannot be expected to withstand the power of a dogs body force or teeth/jaws. Your dog should be crate trained and introduced slowly with positive reinforcement.

Handle Straps

Please note the two fabric carry handle straps are only provided on crates 52 and 62, the single leather handle is provided on all sizes and used when the crate is folded down.

    Size Guide

    Please note that the breed size is approximate and you should always measure to ensure you select the correct size.

    L x W x H (cm) Suitable for breed
    XXS Soft Kennel 52 52 x 33 x 33cm toy breeds
    XS Soft Kennel 62 62 x 41 x 41cm terrier
    S Soft Kennel 7 72 x 51 x 51cm spaniel
    M Soft Kennel 82 82 x 59 x 59cm dalmatian
    L Soft Kennel 92 92 x 64 x 64cm golden retriever
    XL Soft Kennel 105 105 x 72 x 81cm german shepherd
    XXL Soft Kennel 120 120 x 77 x 86cm bernese mountain dog