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Mini Puppy Teethers

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Fat Cat Mini Puppy Teethers are perfectly sized for small dogs and of course... a puppy!

Mini Puppy Teethers give your baby dog something to chew on! With their super soft tummy for snuggling and seriously chew-worthy parts made with soft gummy rubber the Fat Cat Puppy Teethers will keep your dog’s mouth busy and tail wagging!

The soft rubbery hands give your puppy something to get their little needle sharp teeth engaged with helping to set them up for appropriate, good behaviour from the start teaching them that toys are for playing and not furniture! 

If you have a preferred design option please pop a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our best, however if it is unavailable we will ask Albie (our golden retriever!) to choose you a different toy.


  • Ideally sized for small dogs & puppies
  • Soft plush fabric mixed with gummy rubber

Size Guide

Approx 2 X 6 X 13″